Protein | What is it and How much do you need?

How Much Protein to Build Muscle?

We’ve all heard it before about how important it is to consume adequate protein if you want to build muscle. However what is protein, how much do you need and what exactly does it do?

Well, it’s time to understand what that post-workout protein shake actually does!

What is protein?

Protein is one of the three macronutrients which you consume on a daily basis. There are three macronutrients; Carbohydrates, fats and protein. All three macronutrients can be used for energy by your body.

Proteins are made up of smaller molecules called amino acids, these are incredibly important and are essentially building blocks. Amino acids are crucial for normal function of your brain, immune system, muscle, heart and anything else!

Although there are numerous amino acids, the body only requires 21 of them to function called┬áproteinogenic amino acids. Of these 21, the body can only make 12, the other 9 have to be consumed… normally in the form of protein!

How much protein do I need?

Your body is incapable of storing amino acids in the same way it does for fats and carbs. Instead, you must consume enough on a daily basis… When trying to build muscle it is important to provide your body with enough BCAAs (branched chain amino acids). The BCAAs include; Valine, Isoleucine and Leucine, with leucine being the most important.

Getting enough protein in your diet is important not only to build muscle but also to prevent muscle breakdown.

The ideal amount is about 1g/lb of bodyweight or 2g/kg of bodyweight. This is only a rough idea and can be adjusted for personal preference. Also, more protein doesn’t actually mean more muscle!

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