Training More Often | Improve Muscle Growth

Training More for Increased Muscle Growth

A lot of people start off with no idea when they first start training. Unsure what exercises to do, what muscle groups to pair and even how some of the machines work. There is lots of information out there about that sort of thing, however, there isn’t much about how often you should be training a specific muscle group

Most people believe that you should absolutely destroy a single muscle group once a week and then give it a whole week of rest.  We’ve all heard of the fabled “chest day” or the dreaded “leg day” resulting in us only hitting them once a week. This results in most people having a 5-day split where they only hit each muscle group once a week. This, unfortunately, might work if you aren’t a natural athlete but if you are “Natty” then you need to optimise your training to optimise your results!

Also, learn about the correct rep ranges and sets for your goals!

Increase Frequency

So although I did just mention steroids you might be thinking that you need to take longer to recover than these guys. They claim that they hit each muscle group once a week and have 2 days rest, this does work for non-natty lifters but it won’t work for you!

The reason behind this is to do with the time taken for the muscle to repair and recover. Muscle growth i.e recovery/repair is to do with protein synthesis. Protin synthesis is the process responsible for rebuilding and repairing torn muscle fibres resulting in stronger and bigger muscles.

Research shows that when you train a specific muscle group, protein synthesis is elevated for up to 36 hours afterwards. This means that after 36 hours your muscle is fully repaired and recovered. So why would you wait another 4 days to train that muscle again?

You should go a hit that muscle again as soon as possible! It’s why PPL (Push Pull Legs) is so effective.

So how should you train?

The answer is that you should be hitting your muscles more often i.e higher frequency and with less volume i.e lower sets or reps.

The best form of training as a natural lifter is to hit each muscle group multiple times a week. Training in this way, you’re levels of protein synthesis will be elevated more often. Therefore, this results in more rapid muscle growth.

The Workouts that I would recommend are: full body workout split, upper lower split, push pull leg split, Phat or Phul. 

But won’t my workouts get longer?

Fortunately your workouts will not get longer, ideally, workouts shouldn’t exceed an hour. You won’t be doing 6 exercises per muscle group of your upper body and trying to fit into one day. Instead, you will be picking 2 or 3 exercises for each muscle group. This will allow you to train with increased intensity!

Now you might think that this isn’t enough stimuli to make your muscles grow but remember that you will be hitting each of your muscles groups twice a week. This means you will still be getting the same volume if not more!

Many people try to incorporate too many exercises per session when transitioning into full body splits. Although more normally means better, in this case, it is actually counterproductive and will result in decreased muscle growth. Remember that the total sets/volume per week is more important than the volume on a given day.

The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda – John C. Maxwell

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