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Top Protein-Filled Foods to Improve your Physique

We have all heard about the benefits of protein and its importance of building a better body. Protein keeps us fuller for longer as well as increased metabolic rate resulting in more calories burned once consumed.

For a lot of us protein comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. A lot of these protein sources are packed full of fat and can quickly sabotage your physique. At the same time, however, that doesn’t mean all you can eat is skinless chicken.

Use some of the following protein sources in your next meal or snack to mix things up and help get results! Also, try some of these other great protein recipes!

#1 Whey

Whey protein is probably one of the main sources of protein consumed by gym goers. It is a protein found in dairy products and makes up about 20% of the protein in milk. Whey is fast acting meaning it is quickly digested and absorbed. Whey is high in the amino acid glutamine as well as BCAAs. These can help fuel your muscles during exercise.

It causes a quick spike in blood amino-acid levels making it great post-exercise, helping to repair and build muscle. Great sources of Whey protein are ricotta cheese and whey powder.

#2 Casein

Similar to its brother Whey protein, Casein comes from milk and makes up the other 80% of the protein in milk. Casein is slowly digested and doesn’t cause a spike in amino acids in the blood. Casein has anti-catabolic properties which result from its slow digesting properties and steady increase in amino acids. It is ideal for optimising the balance between muscle breakdown and muscle building but doesn’t work well when consumed post-workout!

Research shows that casein eaten late at night can improve muscle building and recovery from exercise while you sleep.Great sources of Casein are cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt and Casein powder.

#3 Pea Protein

One cup of peas contains nine grammes of protein. Pea protein can be found in a powdered and ready to mix form. It is the vegan version of the proteins above, most vegan-friendly protein powders are made from it.

It is easily digested and contains high levels of essential muscle-building compounds such as glutamine and branched-chain amino acids.

#4 Soy

Soy is a common plant-based protein and is commonly found in dairy alternative products such as almond milk or Alpro products. It is one of the few plant-based proteins that contains all the essential amino acids and is just as effective as whey.

Common sources of soy protein include tofu, edamame beans, and soy-protein supplements. Most soy-protein supplements don’t contain the oestrogen mimicking isoflavonoids are safe to consume.

#5 Chicken

Chicken, the good old bodybuilding diet staple. If you ask most bodybuilders what they eat, the majority of them will mention chicken. It’s a lean source of all necessary amino acids and can be prepared in multiple ways.

A six-ounce or 180 grammes of chicken breast contains 54 grammes of protein and four grammes of leucine. Choose skinless chicken breast or thighs to minimise fat and maximise protein!

#6 Beef

Beef is a great source of protein and amino acids. On top of its protein content, it also contains other muscle-promoting nutrients such as creatine and zinc!

Beef can be cooked in a variety of ways and comes in a variety of forms. Some forms have a lot more fat than others but are therefore tastier. If you are worried about fat content opt for a lean mince (5% fat)

#7 Bison

Bison is a beef alternative and is markedly leaner than beef. A 3.5-ounce or 100 grammes serving contains  2–3 grammes of fat compared to beef’s 8 grammes. This means that bison contains up to 33% fewer calories than beef, making it a perfect protein source when you’re getting lean and cutting calories.

#8 Turkey

The other poultry on the list, I’ve all mentioned chicken but have you met its larger cousin? Turkey is the leanest animal protein source you’ll find assuming you are eating the white part. Turkey can be used interchangeably with chicken in many dishes when you need a change of menu.

One thing to note is that turkey can cause gout in humans as shouldn’t be eaten for every meal.

#9 Salmon

Salmon is packed full of protein, not as much as other proteins but it certainly isn’t lacking. On top of its hefty protein content int is also packed full of healthy fats in the form of omega-3s.

Salmons protein and fat content makes it perfect for pairing with vegetables such as broccoli or asparagus for a high-protein, high fat and low carb meal.

#10 Eggs

Eggs are packed full of protein which is incredibly bioavailable. They contain about 6 grammes of protein, 1.3 grammes of BCAAs and 0.5 grammes of leucine. Make sure that you eat both the white and the yolk as not only is the majority of the protein in the yolk but it’s also packed full of healthy fats!

Eggs are a cheap, versatile, and convenient source of protein. In addition to their protein content, eggs also contain vitamin D and cholesterol, which help build muscle. Eggs also have very little impact on blood cholesterol!

#11 Quinoa

Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids, these are crucial for building muscle and your body can’t make them. quinoa still contains only eight grammes of protein per cup, so it shouldn’t be considered a meal’s primary protein source.

#12 Brown Rice

Brown rice contains five grammes of protein per cup, high in BCAAs. Brown rice is missing the essential amino acid lysine. This is easily made up in a balanced diet, however, brown rice shouldn’t be considered a meal’s primary protein source.

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