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Learn How To Pack On Muscle Without Adding Bodyfat

Everyone wants to be able to make massive muscle gains but without adding the pounds of fat which come with it. A lot of people have accepted this as a rule of the universe and are stuck in bulking cutting cycles, spending 8 months of the year being fat and 4 months cutting down. Supposedly if you “aren’t packing on fat, you aren’t maximising muscle” but today I’m going to debunk this and show you how to gain muscle without the fat!

The simple truth is that you don’t actually have to pack on that dreaded layer of fat to gain muscle mass. Some people can even put on muscle whilst cutting and the ones who claim you can’t simply aren’t disciplined enough to do it. You won’t need to spend months cutting instead you can be lean all year round!

Calorie control

A lot of guys after summer go into bulking mode, they stop counting calories and throw away all that hard work. This will allow you to gain muscle but will also make you fat. The solution is to in fact keep counting calories.

If you are a seasoned gym goer or IIFYM’er then you probably already know your maintenance calories. It involves simply using a calculator to work out your BMR and adjusting for your lifestyle. Next, come up with a diet plan or simply add 300 – 400 calories on top of your maintenance.

You will still gain weight and muscle, however, it won’t be as quick as eating 1000 calories over maintenance. The benefit of calorie control like this is it will minimise fat gain during this phase. Most people are only capable of putting on 10 pounds of muscle a year [ALAN AROGON’S NATURAL LEAN MUSCLE MASS GAIN MODEL]. The key to looking good isn’t to put on a tonne of muscle but to put on mass whilst keeping fat levels low.

Correct Carbohydrates

Getting your calories in the right form is crucial. Low GI carbs are the ones you want to be getting the bulk of your calories from as these will help in building muscle, won’t spike your insulin levels and then won’t result in fat gain.

Here’s a shopping list to get you started:

  • Whole Wheat or Rye bread
  • Rolled Oats, Quina
  • Brown rice
  • Avocado, Green Beans, Broccoli
  • Sugar-free Yogurt
  • Hummus, Pinto Beans, Peas
  • Whole What Pasta
  • Peanut Butter, Blueberries
  • Strawberries, Pear, Raspberries

Ditch The Sugar

Sugar is one of the biggest killers of aesthetic bodies and will seriously pack on fat. Sugar causes spikes in your insulin levels, ruins your bodies control of leptin and does very little for muscle mass.

This comes back to eating your calories in the right form. I’m not saying cut out sugar completely but try to minimise it as much as possible. Avoid low-fat options as these are normally packed full of sugar replacements.

Sugar truly will make your goals harder to reach, making you fat and making you feel a lot less full than other options.

Eat Fats To Get Lean

Now, this isn’t an excuse to go stuff yourself silly with doughnuts and cheesecake. I’m not talking about man-made trans fat but actually healthy, natural fats. In addition to making you feel full, they will actually help boost your testosterone levels (which makes it easier to burn fat and build muscle mass).

Some of the best healthy fats are:

  • Eggs (the entire egg, not just the white part)
  • Avocado
  • Olive Oil
  • Nuts
  • Meat

Pick up the Protein

A lot of guys out there do everything right, training 5 times a week with good intensity, and eating healthy natural foods but still aren’t packing on the muscle. This is normally due to inadequate protein consumption… the number of people who try building muscle whilst eating little to no protein is scarily high. The only way you can get away with eating 50g of protein and packing on muscle is if you are a genetic god.

Protein is the main building block of muscle so it is crucial that you eat enough, start with 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight or 2.5g per kilogramme. A great benefit of protein is its thermogenic effect meaning that it requires a greater amount of energy to break down resulting in less body fat beings put on since your body is burning up that fat for fuel.

Quality H20

Another underrated factor for muscle growth and fat loss is hydration. The recommended amount of water for an average male is 2.5litres per day, this should be even higher if you are active or trying to lose weight.

Being dehydrated will not only effect you gym performance, make it harder to lose fat whilst building muscle but also will make you eat more food. A lot of the time we mistake hunger for thirst, so by staying hydrated, this can be avoided.

Remember water contains 0 calories so drink as much as you like!

When you think positive, good things happen – Matt Kemp

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