The Real Reasons You Aren’t Losing Fat

Why Aren’t You Losing Weight?

When fat loss slows down or stops entirely it feels like everything’s gone to shit. You feel like your eating clean and working out hard but you aren’t getting results. This leads to frustration, anger and disappointment eventually it might lead to a lack of motivation and throwing in the towel…

Fear not, now is the time for you to reignite your motivation and crank that fat loss back up. Uncover the simple mistakes you’re making which are sabotaging your progress. With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to turn your body into a fat burning machine and achieve your goal!

Only Doing Cardio

If you are still doing hours upon hours of cardio in a desperate attempt to lose an extra inch off your waist, STOP. Traditional cardio is rubbish for fat loss, not only does it burn fewer calories than other methods but your body also adapts to it. That’s right, the more you do the less fat you lose.

Now, I’m not saying stop doing cardio entirely but mix it up! Start doing HIIT training, fasted cardio or resistance cardio (swimming/running with weights). These methods will help you to burn more calories, stimulate greater fat loss and spike your metabolism turning you into a fat-burning machine for hours to come!

Strength Training

Hitting weights section in the gym will seriously aid in your fat loss goals. Not only will weight training build muscle mass, improve body composition and burn a load of calories but over time it will increase your BMR. Another added benefit is that weight training will spike your metabolism for the rest of the day!

A disadvantage of being in a calorie deficit is the loss of muscle mass, by training for strength you will help to preserve your muscles. Try training with heavier weights in the 3 – 6 rep range.


The great macronutrient which all bodybuilders and health gurus preach about. Protein is actually great and you should definitely be eating more of it. Protein will keep you fuller for longer as well as help to maintain muscle mass whilst cutting down. On top of all this protein requires more energy to be broken down, resulting in more calories burned when eaten opposed to other macronutrients.

A high protein diet has been shown to improve body composition, insulin levels and cholesterol. [See here] You should aim to consume 1g/lb or 2.8g/kg of bodyweight.

Check out some protein packed snacks or other recipes!

Healthy Fats

Fats are crucial to the normal maintenance of the body in parts like joints and hormone levels. Try and make sure you are getting enough fats. The best fats are from healthy sources such as: Animal fats, olive oil, avocado, fish, nuts, and coconut oil.

Try to avoid fats which are processed such as trans fats or hydrogenated fats. Remever, however, to monitor fat intake as they are calorie dense so can quickly lead to weight gain.

Cutting Carbs

Thinking that carbs are the enemy is not a healthy or practical way to live. Cutting all carbohydrates from your diet will effect gym performance, mood and fat loss. This doesn’t mean you can binge on them.

To promote fat loss only eat carbs on days you train and specifically around training times i.e pre and post workout. Try and get your carbohydrates from low-gi sources such as: sweet potatoes, rice and quinoa.

I do also know the benefits of Ketosis and the Keto diet but that is a specific case.

Being Bad At Cheating

Now we all know that cheating is wrong, but this type of cheating is actually good for you. I’m talking about cheating on your diet but you need to cheat correctly.

If you’re dieting then you are inevitably in a calorie deficit, this means that your levels of leptin will drop. Leptin is a powerful hormone which regulates weight loss and hunger. Low levels, therefore, make fat loss even harder, you even more hungry and potentially lead to weight gain!

To combat this it is recommended to have a refeed day/meal which is very high in carbs and will spike your leptin levels again, reigniting fat loss! See here


The body is made up of primarily water and it is crucial to its normal functioning, because of this you would think we would drink enough water. Wrong… majority of us don’t drink enough water. The recommended amount of water for an adult male is 2.5litres/day, you should aim to drink more than this, especially if you are active.

Dehydration cripples your body, reducing fat loss, slowing down metabolism and preventing you from pushing yourself in the gym. By drinking water not only can you increase fat loss but also spike your metabolism by up to 30%. See here

Tracking Your Food

There are many ways to do this, either take a food journal, pictures day to day or use a food tracker like myfitnesspal. Tracking your food holds you accountable for what you are eating. It also helps raise your awareness towards problems foods and to start making better food choices.

Not tracking what you are eating will seriously hurt your fat loss.

Post-Workout Meal

Heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, your post-workout meal is now the most important meal of the day. After training your body is desperate for nutrients, skipping this meal is a sin and will only hurt your fat loss.

Ensure to get in a balanced meal post-workout with a hefty dose of protein and carbohydrates. If you don’t have time to eat a whole meal at least make sure you get a protein shake in.

A list of healthy ingredients to add to your shake or try these post workout pancakes!

Junk Food In Disguise

A lot of foods nowadays have tried to jump on the healthy bandwagon, but don’t be fooled… most which claim they are healthy is the exact opposite being packed full of sugars and man-made fats.

A healthy cereal can have more sugar than a chocolate bar whilst some healthy drinks have more sugar than your average fizzy drink. To help prevent these imposters from sabotaging your fat loss always check the label for nutrient info. Pay special attention to “carbohydrates of which sugars“, “fats” and “serving size“.

Stressing Out

We all get stressed, it’s natural. But stress isn’t good for you, it elevates your cortisol levels which reduce levels of testosterone and growth hormone. This increased stress leads to reduced muscles growth and slower fat loss.

Ensure to take the time to relax with activities such as yoga and stretching. A rest day is also a must as overtraining in the gym results in similar effects to stress leading to spiked cortisol levels.

It’s simple, if it jiggles, it’s fat – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Have you got any other tips or tricks to help revitalise fat loss? comment down below or hit me on social media!