Who am I?

So probably one of the biggest questions on your mind right now is, “who is this guy?”.  This is most likely quickly followed by “why the hell should I even read this?” or “how the hell can this guy make me a stronger, fitter and happier person”.

These are very good questions, so let me explain…

To be perfectly honest… I’m a nobody. I have no large fitness following, no amazing youtube channel not even a degree in fitness or nutrition. So why am I writing this?

I’m your average Joe or should I say, Henry. Oh, wait I forgot to mention, my names Henry by the way.  Maybe I should have started with that, anyway moving on.

So what makes me qualified?

Nothing…. except the fact that I love fitness, it consumes me. Every aspect, whether it’s hitting a new PR, noticing changes in your body, meal prep or even finding a new food in the supermarket which is macro friendly. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been there, I’ve trawled through numerous websites, Facebook posts and youtube videos. Not only have I spent countless hours doing research, I’ve also done it on a personal level.

I’ve been bodybuilding/powerbuilding seriously for little over a year now. Yeah, this isn’t a long time, but the changes I’ve seen, not only on a personal level whether that’s my body image or my mental state but also to do with how others react around me. I’ve become a happier me!

I went from being a 40-inch waist and about 100kg, unable to lift more than a 20kg bar to a 28-inch waist, weighing 75kg able to deadlift ~2.5x my bodyweight. The person I used to be was incredibly unhappy, but now I’ve never been surer of myself!

I transformed myself and my lifestyle. I’m going to help you do the same. To become that stronger, fitter and happier person you’ve always wanted to be.

The only source of knowledge is experience – Albert Einstein