Want to eat more to lose fat?

Looking to lose fat?

Nowadays everyone wants to shed fat and show off their body. However, a lot of advice out there is all very similar and much too broad. It’s all about cutting calories and eating next to nothing whilst you see diminishing results and become unhappy. A little-known secret is that a lot of the time by eating more food you will start to look and feel better!

I’m going to go into how you can change your body composition by revitalising your metabolism. No more worries about reducing your calories more and more to achieve your desired weight loss…

Kickstarting your metabolism

Now, this process is going to take a bit of time and patience but it will completely worth it in the long run! With your increased metabolism, youll still be able to eat your favourite foods whilst getting results.

  • Increase lean muscle mass

Okay, so this is definitely the best way to boost your metabolism. Muscle puts a greater strain on the metabolic system of the body than fat, meaning even at rest you will be burning more calories.

Lifting weights whilst eating the correct amounts of macronutrients will result in an increase in your muscle mass which in turn results in an increased basal metabolic rate (calories required at rest). Not only will this spike your metabolism in will also make you look better if you have a larger ratio of lean muscle mass to fat.

Increased lean muscle mass has a host of other benefits such as increased overall health, improved immunity as well as prevention of pathologic and chronic diseases (cancer and type 2 diabetes – read more here http://sideeffectsofxarelto.org/current-xarelto-lawsuits/ if you don’t want to take wrong drugs). See here

  • Increase macronutrients (food intake)

Now before we get started, this isn’t an excuse to start stuffing yourself silly with pizza, doughnuts and sweeties. By increasing food intake, I’m talking about whole foods and all in the right proportions.

By GRADUALLY increasing your macronutrient intake your body will slowly become accustomed. This means a higher consumption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates for you. As a response, the body will increase its metabolism resulting in a higher BMR (basal metabolic rate).

This is the basis of reverse dieting and I plan on getting into this in another article. The reason I’ve highlighted gradually is if you abuse this and start eating too much your body will start storing the excess calories as fat. It is important to have regular weigh-ins and track progress.

The reason you would want to reverse diet is it makes dieting a lot easier when you have more calories available before the diet starts. Remember to consume enough fibre and stay hydrated.

Bottom line

Maintaining a healthy metabolism is a necessity. If you continuously keep dieting and cutting calories your body will continue to decrease its BMR. After long durations, this results in irreparable metabolic damage. There are multiple methods to combat this such as: Carb cycling, Cheat days, refeed days all of which I plan on going into in the near future.

It is worth building your metabolism up so that it is strong before you begin to diet. Starving the body of the nutrients it needs makes it tougher to lose body fat and to stay healthy. Give these methods a try and let me know how it goes, you will find fat loss much easier!

I used to skip breakfast, but eating gets my metabolism going, so I burn more calories all day – Kate Walsh